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About Growing the Legacy

Growing the Legacy

It is a blessing to continue the legacy of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through a new vision for Catholic education. The charism and established community of Mount Sacred Heart serve as a strong foundation for the formation of religious women to minister in our archdiocese. 

In the spirit of the rich tradition of sisters in our schools, this formation program gifts our archdiocese with the opportunity to honor our heritage while doing so in an innovative 21st century model. In addition, the quality education of current Mount Sacred Heart students will continue. Both our elementary school and formation program will feature culturally diverse global curriculum, grounded in a Catholic worldview. 

Vision for the Future

Strengthening Catholic Schools

The formation program will benefit and strengthen all Catholic schools by providing a pathway for more religious women to be prepared and supported to minister in our classrooms across the Archdiocese of San Antonio. 

Enriching Parish Communities

The presence of Sisters in parish communities throughout the Archdiocese will enrich the lives of parishioners in our Church, creating a community within our archdiocese that is inter-congregational and celebrates the “Global Sisterhood” found within the international religious in the formation program. 

International Encounter

Guided by the pastoral vision of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, we recognize that the Lord calls us to a welcoming Culture of Encounter as disciples and missionaries. The formation program will give us the opportunity to live a Culture of Encounter at an international level. 


Your gift will help us grow the legacy of Catholic education!