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About Growing the Legacy

A Message from Archbishop Gustavo

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord’s call to Stewardship is an invitation to discipleship. To be a steward, is to give of ourselves and our resources—spiritual and material—for the good of one another. As God has been faithful to us in the past, so will He continue to bless us as we journey into the future.

The new vision of Catholic education at Mount Sacred Heart is much broader and more crucial to the mission of the Church. Catholic education gives soul to the world and the soul lasts forever. In supporting this vision, you are educating the soul of the students.

Please pray for the Growing the Legacy at Mount Sacred Heart Campaign. As the Lord invites us to remain with Him at this pivotal time in the history of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, may we not respond reluctantly but with joy and with haste. How can we respond otherwise to our loving God’s urgent call?

United in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Most Reverend Gustavo García-Siller,
MSpS Archbishop of San Antonio


To increase the presence of Religious Sisters at Mount Sacred Heart and to enrich the academic and spiritual experience for our students through a comprehensive integration formation program of inter-congregational, and international Religious communities.

Starting at Mount Sacred Heart:

  • Opportunity to continue the legacy of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Charism of Religious Sisters is already established and loved by MSH community to seamlessly transition to support the “Global Sisterhood”
  • Provides for continuation of Catholic education at MSH

Inter-cultural awareness and formation of Religious educators into Mount Sacred Heart through a formal formation program: The Mother Cabrini Center.

Objectives of the Mother Cabrini Center:

  • To gain an understanding of American students, and parents and their expectations
  • To gain an understanding of Catholic education expectations in the Archdiocese of San Antonio
  • To gain English language proficiency
Sisters' Formation Integration Plan

Moust Sacred Heart School was established in 1930 thanks to Sr. Rose of Lima Gonzalez who is credited for her instrumental role in the early beginning of the first little school which opened in the Sisters' Convent. With your support, Mount Sacred Heart School and the presence of Religious Sisters can continue to grow in its rich history and legacy of excellence for generations to come.

"The impact of Catholic education in our Church today is as necessary as ever, and the best tool that we have is the influence of our Religious. With this formation program our Religious Sisters would impact not only our students and families here at Mount, but it would allow us to spread further than the mission entrusted to us. And, yes, we look at this as Mission; please join us in this extraordinary Mission!"

Sister Cornelia Marie Knezek Provincial Superior President, Mount Sacred Heart Inc.

“The most exciting part about this program is getting the various Religious orders back in the classrooms as it was back when MSH first started 90 years ago. We are truly looking forward to seeing these wonderful changes occur so that Mount Sacred Heart will be here for many more generations to come.”

Edward & Lorrie Tijernia Class of '93

“The new program will provide our son international perspectives that will be so useful for his personal development for years to come. To have this enveloped with the Catholic and community culture at Mount Sacred Heart is a true blessing. We are forever thankful for the legacy that was created 90 years ago, and for what lies ahead in our son’s future.”

Kristine & Alex Ojeda Class of '92