Library Fairies!

Opening and getting the library back in tip top shape from its COVID slumber has been a priority for Mr. Haws (a super volunteer parent) and Mrs. Samuels our Library Media Specialist. Much to our surprise, Mr. Haws and other incredible Mount parents, Gio Neri, Richard and Norma Ruiz, Ygnacio Gutierrez and Juan Hernandez decided to spend their Thanksgiving Holiday giving our library some love! 
This is such an incredible gift to receive upon returning from our Thanksgiving Holiday! The space has a beautiful, calming, and inviting aura to it and our super readers are going to enjoy the space even more! We are truly blessed to have such an incredible community that continues to share their blessings with our students. 
Thank you to everyone who kept the secret from our students, staff, and Mrs. Samuels and improved our library. 
#readersturnintoleaders #community #compassion #integrity #service #MSHCoreValues