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Montessori Program

San Antonio's ONLY Catholic Montessori Program for Children Ages 3- 5 years
A Nationally Awarded Program

About Our Program:

Our Montessori Program offers activities for all aspects of the child's development. Montessori is a system of education based on each child's developmental needs for "freedom within limits" in a carefully prepared environment. With its Catholic identity and foundation, the Montessori Program nurtures the spiritual, faithful, and moral stages of each child.
Our Award Winning Montessori Program was established in 1973 and all our teachers are certified and trained according to the Montessori Philosophy and method. Our program is comprised of (2) fully equipped classrooms, each with a Montessori Teacher and Assistant.
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Philosophy of Education Mount Sacred Heart Montessori Primary Program practices the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), one of the world’s foremost educators and Italy’s first woman physician.

By observing children and working with them, Dr. Montessori created a system of education, which has flourished throughout the world. Montessori believed that education begins at birth, and that the first few years of life, being the formative, are the most crucial both mentally and physically.

Curriculum The Montessori Curriculum lays before the child the “keys to the world.” It contains activities for all aspects of the child’s development. The child learns through his/her experiments in this environment.


The five basic areas in the Montessori Curriculum:

  • Practical Life: This consists of a selection of practical exercises duplicating those in the adult world: sweeping, shoe polishing, dusting and waxing furniture, scrubbing tables, floors, etc. These activities give the child a contact with the real world while simultaneously allowing the child to develop coordination, extend concentration span, refine movement, and grow independently.
  • Sensorial: The Montessori sensorial apparatus is designed to assist the development of the senses to a high degree of refinement. Children work individually and in small groups with the materials as they identify and match like qualities such as color, shape, texture, weight, size and tone.
  • Language: Montessori language covers a wide variety of experiences ranging from vocabulary development for the very young child, to writing, letter sounds and reading for the older children. The children begin with a phonetic approach and move into the whole language development.
  • Mathematics: As with language, the activities in the areas of mathematics take the young child through a series of concrete sequential actions which lead to more abstract numerical concepts. Children from about four years on also have the experience of working with computers.
  • Cultural Life: Cultural life exposes the child to the experience of art, music, science, nature, gardening, geography and history.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:
The religious life in the atrium is a unique and essential program in the MSH Montessori curriculum. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a means of religious formation for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 years. To help the child grow in his relationship with God, a developmentally appropriate environment is prepared. Biblical liturgical themes are presented using many concrete materials. The materials help the children continue their meditation allowing the Holy Spirit - their inner teacher - to work within them.
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