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MSH Prayer Board

We kindly ask you to please pray for our MSH families who are experiencing hardships due to illness, death, economic struggles, or any other needs. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our strength.

 March 2024

Repose of the soul of Teodora Liwanes

Special intentions of Brianna Moore

Blessings for Gerald Mendoza

Repose of the soul of Mary Helen Oliva

Repose of the soul of Fr. Banda a friend of Fr. Abraham

Health and healing of Julian Martinez, Ana Isabel Rangel

Health and recovery of Vicki Esparza and strength for her family

Repose of the soul of Felix Fisher.

Health and recovery of Alicia Diaz



February 2024

Healing of Bryan Hanks

Comfort, peace, patience of Guillermo Mendoza

Health and Recovery of Miguel Angel Garcia

Spiritual Peace of Rebecca Collazo

Comfort and health of Divine and blessings for her family

Interior peace and wisdom of Sofia Mendoza

Health of : JJ Jones, Joey Webber, Yvette Hinojosa, Cynthia Pruneda

Healthy pregnancy for Zoey Moore

Safety of Jason Bell and Leonard Sharp





January 2024

Sister Ester - Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sandra Gonzalez - Friend of the Ramirez/Samuels Family

Special intentions of the Ortiz and Mendoza Family.

Comfort and healing for Elisa Sailors

Spiritual Conversion of the Rendon Family

Swift recovery of Angelina Daniel Perez

Successful Surgery and recovery of health of Deacon Ed Domowski and the special intentions of his wife Liz.

Health and complete recovery of Kaylen Lembcke

Special intentions of Travis Dezuba

Peace and comfort of Elisa Sailors

We pray for those souls who have left our community may they rest in peace.
Past Prayers for 2023
-For all those who are homeless
For the repose of the soul of Cameron Solano and comfort for her family.
Special intentions of Christine Jenschke.
Health of Davyn Walls
Health and healing of Carlo Natividad
Special intentions of Deacon Jordan Rojas
Noah Garcia and family and for the repose of the soul of his cousin Justin
Health and healing of Ana I Mendoza
For the repose of the soul of Frank Donroe
Shorty's recovery
Health and recovery of Letty Arceneaux
Special intentions of Sofi Mendoza
Health and success of all students at Mount  Sacred Heart
For all sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Peace in the Middle East
Swift recovery of Marsha Martinez
Healing of Sean Stone
Healing of Jeremy Tang-Diaz and strength for his family
An increase vocation to the priesthood
Health and healing of Lucinda Collazo
Healing of Andie Villarreal and family
Healing of Teresa Treviño
Successful surgery of Lulu and Jose Esquivel Sr.
Jennifer Esquivel healing and strength
Health of Rosalinda Domingo
CTJ Band , Teachers, volunteers: safe travels , good health
All men attending Men's ACTS retreat from St. Padre Pio
Yolanda Carrizales special intentions and healing
Repose of the soul of Evita Suarez and peace for her family and friends
Health and healing of Estela Lopez and Zoey Escobar
Repose of the soul of Bill Eustrom and comfort for his family
Health and healing of Frances Jones
Repose of the soul of Paul Knox
Healing and spiritual strength of Carlos  De La Rosa
Healing of Sr and Sra Torres
Health of Salvador Servin 
Career guidance for Travis Dezuba
Healing of Robert Bennett
Faith and career guidance for Gerald Mendoza
Healing and recovery of Roger Martin
Repose of the soul of Marsha Martinez
Spiritual strength for Lucy Martinez and family
Repose of the soul of Jose M. Sanchez
Special intentions and blessings for Paula Stewart
Special intentions for Rosalinda and Mel
Special intentions of Mr. Cavaziel

Sister Ester - Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sandra Gonzalez - Friend of the Ramirez/Samuels Family

Dec 2023

Matthew Rendon- Conversion of heart to Christianity

Sofia Mendoza-  Special intentions, wisdom and courage

Estella Lopez & Zoey Escobar- Health and healing

Nora Holdar : Healing and Health

Special intentions of the Holdar Family

Comfort and peace for Robert Bain

Sister Angelica - Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Former MSH Principal

Valentin G. Campos - Grandfather to MSH Students

Gerald Prather - Grandfather to MSH Students

DEC 2023

Jose Luis Villarreal Sr. - Grandfather to Alan, Mateo and Lillian

Evita Suarez-family of the Mendoza family

Ali Mohseni- Grandfather to Jacob and Peyton

Angela Perez grandmother to Dylan Tovar 8th grade