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Giving Opportunities

Investing in our Students is Investing in our Future!

Your generous support and blessings allowed us to renovate our science lab
in a much quicker manner.
Thank you

Annual Appeal

The MSH Annual Appeal is composed of voluntary tax-deductible gifts from various supporters of the school including: past and present families, grandparents, alumni, and friends of MSH. The Annual Appeal is essential to help bridge the gap between tuition and the expense of educating a student at Mount. If you would like to donate today, please click the button below.
Click here to donate to our Annual Appeal
San Antonio Big Give 
This year, we are participating in the San Antonio Big Give

It is no surprise the last three years have put a tremendous strain on our schools. It is because of this that we need your help. Your generous donation will allow us to upgrade our exterior doors and modify current security measures. This will help our school continue to provide a safe, nurturing, and secure environment.

With over ninety years of community, compassion, integrity, and service our students are pushed to excel by growing their spiritual and academic potential while fostering hearts capable of leadership and service through a well rounded education. Whether it is academics, sports, fine arts, technology, or music, Mount Sacred Heart has a program for everyone. We ask that you consider donating to our school to keep improving the lives of our servant student leaders or tour and join our Eagle Family! 

We thank you for your support! May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be with you always!

Thank you for your continued support and blessings to our school. 

Giving Tuesday

Thank you for your continued support and blessings to our school. While Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, November 29th, the giving season is upon us. We would be incredibly humbled to receive any blessings from you during this time. Your gift will allow Mount Sacred Heart to bridge the per-student gap between what is received in tuition and fees and the actual cost to educate a Mighty Eagle.
Now more than ever, we are called to make a difference. Through prayer and planning, we hope you will discern how to share your blessings with Mount Sacred Heart. With your help, we can and will continue to shape our community's future. Thank you for your support of Mount Sacred Heart Catholic School. 

Thank you for your investment in our school.


Annual Golf Tournament

Since 2004 the MSH community and supporting businesses come together to support our Mighty Eagle Students – Golf Style! Net proceeds from the tournament benefit MSH School to ensure the optimum educational environment for each MSH student. Sponsorships and player participation are key elements to the financial success of this beloved event.

How to Donate

For further information on these events, or other ways of giving to Mount Sacred Heart, please feel free to contact our Director of Development and Communications, Felicia Villarreal.   (210) 342-6711 ext. 124. or via email at [email protected]
You may also click on the Annual Appeal donate button below to bless us with your financial support.